Financing and Insurance

Financing And Insurance

We understand that everyone has concerns about their finances these days and as your chosen dental provider, we want to ensure that we are able to maximize any provided dental benefits you may have while also providing multiple payment options.

While we do not have any control over any insurance policies and are subject to their regulations, we will do our best to utilize any Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) dental policies you may have through an employer. Ultimately, ensuring that your policy is active and in good standing is the responsibility of the subscriber and insurance company.

We also regularly help with the use of HSA and flex spending accounts for our wonderful patients.

We provide complete transparency in our fees- Prior to beginning any treatment or service with our office, we will outline your financial obligations. If at any time you have questions or concerns- we will always happily explain our policies.

In addition to your possible benefits, we often utilize third-party financing for our dental procedures. This is done through companies such as CareCredit or Lending Club. Our practice will cover the interest on these lines of credit for up to 12 months to help keep the obstacles of affordability to a minimum.

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